El-Toro Electric Brands



Has it’s factory located in Sherwood Park , Alberta Canada We are 100% Canadian Owned We have been making livestock products since 1983. We are located in the area of the livestock industry . Thus making it easier to provide better service to Cattleman right across Canada and other Countries we ship our products to. EL-TORO ELECTRIC BRANDS are manufactured by Cattle Ranchers who’s generations stem back from the 1900’s . They truly understand through the experience and knowledge passed down through the years what it takes to do branding in the rugged conditions we all have faced to getting the branding job done.

EL-TORO takes pride in the quality and workmanship of each and every product we make . We cater to many Industries and Manufacture many different kinds of branding products all that are custom built to meet the needs of our customers

Our successes has been made over the years by satisfied Customers that received a quality custom product that is durable to meet their needs.

EL-TORO stands behind their product and offers a one year warranty on all electrical product. How ever warranty is void if product has been tampered with or abused.

EL-TORO will repair electric brands only and asks you to send in your old brander for a repair or rebuild at a 20% discount on the new price of a brander .